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Christie's Yesterday

The Christie’s house, “Sandolphon”, was built about 1898, by Eldridge Christie. The decorative and picturesque roofline with the gables and towers are in the Queen Anne style.

The Christie’s family lived here until 1909. Eldridge Christie, a renowned carriage builder, undoubtedly realized that the days of his trade were numbered with the coming of the motor vehicle. So, around 1909, he moved his business to Ashcroft. There he built and repaired horse drawn coaches for the famous B.X. Stagelines. The Lady Dufferin, built in 1910 by Eldrige, is the most famous of the B.X. Stage coaches, having run regular service between Lillooet and Ashcroft, when it was known as B.C. Express Company Number 14. It can still be seen on display at the Red Coach Inn, 100 mile House, B.C.

Christie’s Fort Street home remained in the family until 1948 and later was made over into apartments. When it seemed demolition might be inevitable, the house was purchased by local business interests. It formed the anchor for the major structural additions for the Christie’s Carriage House Pub where it perpetuates the historic theme with carriages on display.

The 1905 Rockaway Coupe, on display by the Pub’s front entrance, was restored by carriage builders at Gananoque Carriage Company in Ontario. It has 5 seats (2 vis-a-vis, 1 folding) and 3 drop windows. It is one of the few hardtop carriages in B.C. Most of the carriages built in Victoria at the turn of the century were soft top carriages.

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Christie's Today

In 1986, a gorgeously restored Christie’s opened for business. Spiffed up in high Edwardian fashion, with dark woods, stained glass, brass rails, a patterned ceiling designed in stamped foil, and fireplaces – Christie’s accurately recreates the lush comforts that Eldridge and his family knew.

Essentially designed in an open plan, there are several half-walls that create a variety of nooks and crannies that can accommodate various social needs.

In 1993, due to the popularity of open air patios, Christie’s created a fabulous patio, complete with heaters and a fireplace for Victoria’s mild winters and open to the beautiful sunshine in the summer.

Today, there is always some-thing happening at Christie’s, food or drink specials everyday. The kitchen offers pub classics such as fish and chips and more contemporary fare like fresh pork or fish tacos, in house smoked items always with a generous plate of quality food at a reasonable price. Many a beer are on tap – thirty four the last time we counted, representing a wide spectrum of local and regional microbreweries. Or you may prefer one of our unique daily special cocktails. Gluten free options available.

Christie’s Carriage House Pub recreates turn-of-the-century Victoria with flair, charm and comfort. It is truly the living room of the neighborhood – a place where friends meet, chat and share good times. Drop in – it’s in the neighborhood.

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